Erin Way Joins Syfy's "Alphas"

Erin WayAlphas, which recently began its second season on Syfy, will be welcoming a new character to the mix: Kat, played by Erin Way. Kat has the ability to learn a new skill instantly - retaining both knowledge and muscle memory; however, it has a down side. Kat has memory problems which cause her to forget her past.

Way recently talked to the media about her character and her unique ability. Way's first episode of Alphas airs tonight on Syfy.

Syfy Conference Call
Erin Way

August 1, 2012
2:00 pm CT

Erin WayQUESTION: Can you tell us a little bit about your character on Alphas?

ERIN WAY: Yes, I play the character of Kat, and she meets Harken at - I guess Harken and Hicks both at an underground Alpha fight club. And her special ability is that she basically learn any skill instantly, so that includes knowledge and muscle memory. She can - it's essentially kind of like she can just download it almost instantly.

And the only downside is that she has a bit of a memory problem. So after about a month or so she starts loosing memories of the past. So while she retains her memories she can't remember how she learned them or who she knows or where she came from, which you know, is a little problematic.

QUESTION: But she retains he abilities? Or does she lose the abilities over time as well?

ERIN WAY: She retains the abilities, she doesn't remember that she knows how to do them. But if put in the appropriate situation she can recall how to do them. So you know, for example you could put her in a helicopter and she could very well have the reaction of like, "Oh yes, I totally know how to fly this thing." But she wouldn't be able to tell you unless she was put in the situation.

QUESTION: What attracted you to the role?

ERIN WAY: Well, besides the seemingly unlimited new bits of info that come up with a character like this when she essentially has no past really that's written, and you know, it's all discovered in the moment, she's a very, very strong female character, which I not only enjoy watching but I enjoy playing. You know, she can fight, she's tough, and I think that's a really cool - it's a cool thing that Syfy tends to do for females in general, is that they tend to have really strong female characters.

So that intrigued, and then also just the fact that I would be learning a new skill on a weekly basis, was kind of cool. You know, and I basically would have a new ability each - on a very regular basis which I just found - I was like, "Well I'm never going to get bored with this girl because she's constantly learning something new." So that just was fascinating to me and real intriguing.

QUESTION: How do you feel about the way Kat's ability compliments the needs of the existing Alphas?

ERIN WAY: That's a good question. You know, it sounds kind of simple, but the Alphas as a whole can tend to be - the team, Rosen's team, can be a little on the serious side.

And Kat just comes in and is - because of her ability or the downside of her ability, the way she's chosen to survive with it is just to be very live in the moment, not get too heady about stuff because you know, she doesn't - or she's not burdened by anything really in the past because she forgets everything.

So essentially, she just comes in and really kind of mixes it up, is very - doesn't really care about the rules, the protocol, how you're supposed to behave, kind of makes fun of them for being so serious. And in a sense, because of that, kind of just ruffles everybody's feathers a little bit, which I think just makes for not only some comic relief, but also you know, maybe helps some of the characters find a different perspective on their situation.

So yes, I would say that in that sense she compliments each of the team members in a different way, but it's all through that same kind of irreverence that she kind of approaches life with.

QUESTION: How hard was it to really get to know a character who has memory issues and lives in the moment? Where did you begin to understand her as a person?

ERIN WAY: Yes, it's tricky, because I remember when I first met all of the writers I was like, "Okay so you know, how about we talk about this girl's history. You know, where does she come from and so I can like start to get to know this girl?" And they were like, "Yes, we don't have that, sorry, to give you, so basically blank slate." And I was like, "Awesome guys."

So it's really hard, but in a way I'm glad that they didn't give me that because Kat doesn't have that so it's not really fair for me to have any of that information. So basically it was just - I had to build it on extinct.

I had a very instant impression of who this girl was from how the writing - the tone of the writing was and it just forced me to be kind of like, "Okay well it's based on the tone of the writing and the voice of the writing and based on the fact that she's just taking things as they come and not worrying about the past or the future, what - how would that make a person behave?"

And then from there on it's just - it's really just about instincts and reacting in what's going on in the moment. And you've got to keep it simple with her because none of that other stuff comes into play. So it's where I kind of had to start, and then from then on it was a matter of like trusting myself that I knew who this girl was.

So but it's an interesting challenge, I've never had to do that before so.

SCIFI VISION: Can you kind of give us an idea of some of the fun skills that you get to use on the show, maybe some of your favorites?

ERIN WAY: Gosh, okay I'm not going to give too much away, but I will say, I told that I - I was told that I could give stuff away about "Alpha Dogs," so I'll start with that.

I'm a very tiny person, and Harken is a very large person, and we have to fight each other in the episode. And so what I learn how to do is basically I learn a style and a form of kickboxing basically that, instead of relying upon size, it relies upon knowing where the pressure points and how to use one's own weight to kind of counterbalance - or use it against the other person, so basically finding their weak spots and winning in that way.

So that was an interesting thing. While I didn't get fully trained in that, I did have to learn a lot of kickboxing, which was - it's brutal as far, I've never been so sore in my entire life, but it was really cool to learn, and to learn that you know, a tiny little thing like me can - could actually win against somebody twice their size, just using the power of her skill. So that was really cool.

And then in another episode I had to kind of learn how to reassemble a carburetor, which I'm not mechanical in a car kind of way at all, so that was cool to kind of learn how - you know, where the plugs go in and stuff like that.

So each week they bring me something new. I usually end up having to learn it within a few minutes of filming the scene, unless I know beforehand and then I can kind of do some research online. So it's cool to just kind of have to be like, "And now you're going to learn this knife trick," and then I'm like, "Okay." And then you just kind of have to learn it and try to do the best you can. So and that was another one, I had to kind of learn the knife trick.

So yes, I mean I think, probably the kickboxing was my number 1 favorite because I did the most in-depth training of it. But there's a few other cool ones that'll come up, but I'm not going to give too much away.

SCIFI VISION: Sounds like a lot of fun. The other thing I wanted to ask you, is obviously her memory loss and everything is going to cause a lot of tension, like you said. But can you talk specifically about Kat and Gary? From what I've been reading, he doesn't get along her very great at the beginning.

ERIN WAY: Yes. Yes, he doesn't like me at all. In fact, I think I rub him the wrong way the most out of anybody. And that's you know, to be expected; Gary is somebody that relies upon routine and protocol and the rules, you know, he duplicates the rules very specifically and doesn't really - he's not comfortable and doesn't enjoy people kind of like breaking those rules and breaking his routine and stable - his stable pieces of information. And so Kat is not somebody that's going to be like - because somebody tells her, "Hey you know, so Gary likes his routine so try not to interrupt him or he doesn't like it when you touch him or" - she's not literally will - if you tell her that, she's most likely going to - it's just going to make her want to do it more. And so she's constantly touching Gary, trying to hug Gary, just basically doing everything that he will tell her not to do. So it's very upsetting to him, he doesn't like it at all.

And that's at the beginning of the season. While I'm not going to give everything away, we do - it's not a smooth road by the end, I still manage to upset him on many occasions. But there are a few occasions where because of my kind of irreverence for, you know, who he is and his condition, which I think I'm kind of like, "I don't care, you know, what he has, I'm just going to treat him the same as everybody," because of that attitude, she kind of trusts Gary with tasks that other people would not. And because of that I think he does grow to kind of like her a little bit because she lets him - she's willing to let him do things that other people would not let him do just because she really doesn't care about the rules.

So I think by the end we're in a little bit of a better place, with the occasional argument. I see a good future for Kat and Gary, I think we're going to be fine.

QUESTION: I was wondering if you're a fan of sci-fi? And how does acting in a sci-fi show like Alphas differ from the more "normal" shows, like Detroit 1-8-7 or Private Practice, that you've acted in?

ERIN WAY: Right, right. I'm a huge fan of sci-fi. Never been on a sci-fi show or movie before, so it was kind of a surreal experience. But I'm a huge - I mean you kind of name the sci-fi shows and I'm a huge sucker for them. So that was kind of awesome. That - I had to pinch myself on a couple of occasions that I was going to, you know, be a part of that genre finally. It was really cool.

While I love the other genres I've been a part of, Private Practice and Detroit 1-8-7 there, but I mean it's a little bit - I wouldn't say it's like comparing apples and oranges because there is definitely the procedural element a little bit in there with Alphas, which makes Alphas a little different in that we are trying to solve, not necessarily crimes, but you know, in - we're trying to figure out what's behind incidents (unintelligible). So in that way it's a little bit like a crime drama like Detroit 1-8-7, but the world of sci-fi is so much bigger, and the possibilities of what can happen and what people are capable of is - because it's sci-fi, it doesn't have to be based in "Reality." So that to me is what's so exciting is that you - you're - the imagination and the scope of what can occur is huge. And because of that it really is an exciting genre to be in. And so you kind of look forward to getting that script and being like, "Okay, what else are they going to stumble upon this week? And you know, what is their ability going to be," because you know it's probably going to be something that you've never even thought of. And so that to me is what's so exciting about this genre and makes my job really fun and never boring and interesting each week.

QUESTION: How did it feel being the new person in this cast? You know, they're coming in the very beginning of season 2; did they welcome you quite well? Was it easy to fit in?

ERIN WAY: They're so mean - no, they were great. They were just - I mean it could be literally it could be like the freshman at high school that gets picked on. And they had no obligation necessarily to treat me nicely, and they were all - just bent over backwards to make me feel welcome. And by the end of that first episode, I just - I felt like I was part of a huge family.

I - you know, I never - I think they all have their own perspective on the exciting thing that Kat was going to bring to the team dynamic, and so you know, no. I've been very blessed on both shows that I've worked on for a period of time, Detroit 1-8-7 and this one, to be surrounded by a group of actors that get along really well and that are - that have a kind of collaborative team mentality towards doing the show.

So it's a team. It's a team of people that want to get along, want to make the show good. And so no, I felt nothing but good will and you know, just warmth when I came on board. It was a big release because there was a lot to take on my first episode, so had I been intimidated by the cast members it would have been an extra kind of fear to kind of deal with. But they just made me feel like super, super comfortable, which was nice.

QUESTION: How do you think you relate to your character's personality?

ERIN WAY: Gosh, well I think that Kat is somebody that has a pretty good sense of humor about things, no matter what the situation she can tend to find something funny about it. And that's definitely a quality that I think I have. I don't - I'm not somebody that tends to stay down in the dumps for very long, and Kat is definitely - that's a quality of hers. And then I don't know if this is a quality of Kat or just something that comes from me being the one to play Kat, but she has kind of a very dry, sarcastic sense of humor, and that's - that is definitely my kind of humor, for the most part is I tend to be like pretty dry. So those two qualities for sure. And then she's a little on the tenacious side, she's stubborn, and I'm definitely - anybody that knows me well knows that I am a little bit of a pit bull if I get my mind set on something. So those are definitely all qualities that she and I share or that comes from me, and I've definitely, you know, imbued her with those so.

QUESTION: If you had to describe your character in one word?

ERIN WAY: I would say - I've been using this word a lot today in these interviews; I would say, "irreverent." She's - she just - that's her in general, her kind of approach towards everything is she's just pretty irreverent and doesn't take them seriously, so yes.

QUESTION: I was wondering if you've got to work with Summer Glau, and if so did you have any special ballet oriented conversations?

ERIN WAY: That's so funny that you mentioned that. We - I have - I'm currently working with Summer and we have worked together now for a little bit. And I'm enjoying it immensely.

She's - I met her for the first time several weeks ago and I was extremely excited because I'm a Firefly fan. And she is maybe one of the sweetest girls that I've ever met in my life. She makes everybody around her feel like, "We're just so cynical, we're all going to hell," because Summer Glau is just the most, the kindest, sweetest little thing.

And somebody mentioned actually that she was going to go do this benefit for some ballet company over the weekend, and that was the first that I had heard about her. I did not know that she had a ballet background, although if I had really observed her body I would have guessed it because she definitely still carries herself like a dancer.

So yes, so we talked - we did actually talk quite about it - quite a bit about it and we both had very similar reasons for not choosing to go on with that field of work. And yes, I mean we both definitely had a lot of conversations about our favorite ballets and what we love about it.

And we were just last night actually, joking about various different combinations that you have to do across the room in ballet class and which ones we hated and which ones we enjoyed. And you know, the things that go on on a late-night shoot, you get bored and you start talking about stuff.

So yes, it's really cool. We definitely share that, we have that very much in common, that background.

...She is a lovely, lovely soul.

QUESTION: You also worked with another one of my favorites, not that we have to spend time talking about it, but Bryce Dallas Howard is one that I really greatly admire.

ERIN WAY: She's - she is a very great friend of mine and I too - I admire her to no end. She is one of the most intelligent, hard-working actresses that I know out there. And I've had the privilege of not only being a part of classes with her -- we study with the same woman.

So I've been in that kind of setting with her, and then also with her at the directing home, and both are different but equally enjoyable. And she is - yes, I mean she's a force for sure, and maybe one of my favorite directors that I've ever worked with, just extremely insightful and hard-working and unphasable. She is just so cool and calm and collected on a set, it's kind of incredible.

When I worked with her she was almost, I think seven months pregnant, and it was in the summer and so it was roasting hot. And she would - she was really pregnant and still just manage to stay the most level-headed of anybody. So I am - yes, I'm kind of - I'm a little bit in awe of her and her ability. She's amazing.

QUESTION: She strikes me as imminently graceful and yet down to Earth, which is weird to have that simultaneous combination.

ERIN WAY: Yes it's - I mean, no, no, it's a very - actually very similar to - both her and Summer have that quality. It's kind of - it's a little disgusting. It's like, "Come on guys, seriously," because they are very down-to-Earth, but also yes, I mean they share those two qualities. It's very - it's a very - it's an amazing combination in a person, and explains why they've both been so successful so.

QUESTION: Last week I talked to Malik and he mentioned how your character helps his character adjust to the downside of his Alpha ability. Can you talk about working with Malik? What was that like? What's that team like?

Erin WayERIN WAY: Yes, that happens - you'll see that in this - in the upcoming episode, my first episode, because what Bill is running into is his - he's getting exhausted, he's unable to stay amped up for a very long time without totally just wearing himself out. And it's becoming a bit problematic for him.

And so Kat is able to really just - I - you know from, probably from training that she's had in martial arts, and also just her experience, she's able to kind of teach him how to kind of counteract that.

And it's through a combination of just kind of trusting himself and his ability, and trusting that it's there and that he doesn't need to - doesn't need to basically - you know, he's - that he's working too hard is what she points out, is that you know, you just need to let go and trust that your ability is going to be there whenever you need it, you don't need to stress out about it, you don't need to "amp-up" and work so hard, you need to trust your body more.

So it's interesting, and I think it's really the key to what bonds the two of them as characters and why he takes such a shining to her because she spots it right away and is - and really just kind of takes him under her wing a little bit, which is a cool little - you wouldn't necessarily expect that, seeing the two of them together. So yes, so it's a cool little friendship that they develop over that.

SCIFI VISION: You said how you've been such a big sci-fi fan, if you like you could pick and be on any show or whatever, is there a specific science fiction show you'd love to be on or somebody you'd love to work with that you haven't?

ERIN WAY: Wow, I mean I guess it would kind of go without saying, I'm so cliché, but I'm a huge Buffy and Firefly and Dollhouse and - so Joss Whedon for sure. I basically - any show that he does I'm - I don't even doubt that I'm going to like it because I just know that I will. It's just kind of a no-brainer.

He's incredible. Gosh, I think that would probably be my number 1 out there, and you know, they're not obviously I guess there are no shows on there anymore. But if I could go back in time I'd like to be on all of those.

I've heard however, I have not watched - and I am so sorry, I feel like such a - I feel like it's such a betrayal to all sci-fi people everywhere, but I heard very good things about the new Doctor Who and I have not seen it. I met the lead at Comic-Con but I have not seen the show. So but I have very close sources telling me that it's a very good show so.

And British people are on it, and I'm a little bit of an anglophile so I would probably be like all about it if I could get on that show just because I'd get to work with British people.

So yes, those would probably be my two. And then if I could go back in time again, I would probably be in Star Wars because I grew up on Star Wars and we were such fans in my house, to the extent that my three - my brothers and myself and the family dog and my parents all did a remake of all three movies.

We mashed them into one movie and took two summers and made - we made our own version. And it's going to make its way to YouTube, I just feel it in my bones, at some point in my career. But I play Princess Leia and it was - it's pretty epic.

So I would love - I would have loved to have been part of that trilogy because then - it was such a staple when I was growing up. It's like part of my childhood, so yes.

SCIFI VISION: And if you could write whatever you want - I know you haven't obviously had a long stint on the show yet, but if you could have whatever you wanted happen to Kat, and you could write your own story, what would you like to see happen?

ERIN WAY: Gosh, I mean; one, I think it would be super-cool if at some point she could hone her ability to such an extent where like it could be kind of like The Matrix, where she just like touches a book and like downloads the - all the information inside. I think that would be really rad.

And I would really like to see her - my - what I'm most excited about seeing and I have a feeling, should season 3 occur, we'll probably start seeing some of this, but I'm really - I have my own theories, which I can't talk about, but I am intrigued about where Kat comes from and who her father is. And where - you know, who she's been aligned with in the past. And I am hoping and praying that it is all bad people.

That's my hope, is that Kat discovers that she was affiliated with really bad - like the bad guys. Because I think that's just so fascinating, because it opens up just a variety of questions with did they - are they using her to - I mean it's just like think about that and then like your brain just like goes crazy. So that to me would be so exciting to play, is for those things to be revealed.

It's like you know, she wants to remember her past, and then maybe she doesn't want to remember her past. So that is really - that would be a really cool thing.

And then I think she needs to have a boyfriend. That's - because I think it would just be hilarious because she'd forget who he was all the time. So I just think that would be really funny as well.

So probably those three things I would be the most excited to play with.

SCIFI VISION: Okay, now I have to ask you something silly because I suddenly thought of it when you were talking. What would happen if Kat comes into contact with somebody with a photographic memory, then maybe she can remember things (laughs)


ERIN WAY: That is very interesting. I've - here's the only thing, but this might - you might have touched on something. Like you could have opened a door there. I have never been able to download a skill or learn a skill like via contact with another human being, it's always been through - yes, I'll watch a video or I'll read a book. I know, but that's interesting though. And I think I would bet you money that the writers are probably - put that in the backburner at some point, is that you know, I can just touch a person and then basically take all of their skills. That could be...

SCIFI VISION: Yes, that'd be cool.

ERIN WAY: That would be cool. Can I add that to my list? I'm adding that to my list.

SCIFI VISION: Yes, sure.

ERIN WAY: Okay cool.

QUESTION: I was curious how you auditioned for this character because your character's supposed to have all these different skills. Was it just dialogue and seeing about your personality? Or did they throw any kind of curveballs at you to test how quickly you learn physical skills?

ERIN WAY: No they did not, thank God, test me on any kind of physical skills. In the audition on basically description, for the description of the character, it did have as - it said I think it was, "Martial arts background a plus." But they clearly did not make that a necessity because I don't have any martial arts background. I have a dance background which probably helps a little bit because I'm not completely physically retarded. So I'm a - you know, I'm at least coordinated.

But no, that was not in the audition process at all, it was all dialogue. And over a series of, I think four auditions total, I auditioned for the part four times, and then once I got it then they were like, "Oh and p.s., your first episode you need to be an expert at kickboxing." And I was like, "Awesome."

So at that point it was like, "Boy we hope you're a quick learner because here you go," and I had about a week. They moved me here to Toronto and then I had about a week of training before starting on my first episode.

So yes, no they just trusted that I would be able to be a quick study. Which is a lot of pressure, I'm not going to lie to you, but luckily it turned out okay. And I think it in all looks okay - good in the episode, so that's good.

QUESTION: Do you think your ballerina background helps you? Because we talked about Summer earlier and she's got the same kind of background, and she of course did a fantastic job in Firefly and Serenity -- especially Serenity.


QUESTION: Were you able to use that training like to develop the beats, like of the dancing to the fight? Did that help you?

ERIN WAY: Yes, well I mean in the sense that - it's a little twofold; one, it's completely counterintuitive to how a dancer moves and holds their body. So that's the first thing that I found is like the - where the center of balance is and how a boxer holds their body is pretty much polar opposite of a dancer.

However, what did come in handy was, you know, I - there was a coordination factor, the factor that I'm relatively coordinated with my body and relatively flexible still, which helps with the kicking and things of that sort.

And then also you know, when you do a show like this, when you do fight scenes, they're choreographed. And you usually have about a - not very long, they usually teach you the choreography for the site maybe the day before, often the same day.

So the ability to learn choreography very quickly is really the key actually, that I think came in most handy, is I'm used to learning a dance - you know, learning dances, learning a dance, really fast, and so that's basically what you have to do when you come on set and have to fight. So that's really I think where it really came in handy.

Otherwise it was pretty much a retraining of my body, of like how to hold myself and not look like a sissy, because dancers don't look like fighters. So I had to kind of retrain myself not to hold myself like a ballerina. So yes, so it did come in handy a little bit, for sure in the important areas I guess.

QUESTION: Is there any particular cast member that you bonded with in real life, like you tend to eat your lunches with or you've become fast friends with?

I'm sure they're all welcoming to you and treating you well, because Malik mentioned how much time - or how his character takes yours under his wing and it made me wonder if any of your cast-mates in particular have done that?

ERIN WAY: No. I have to think, but I feel like - I mean literally all of them have - I mean I've become fast friends with all of them for sure. I think I hang out with - as far as in my free time, I hang out with Ryan and Azita the most.

Part of that is circumstantial, they both live close to me in the city, and David often goes home on the weekends and Warren has a family. And so as far as outside of work, those two I guess I've become the closest with -- we hang out the most.

But ironically they're the two characters that I think I've spent the least amount of time with on set. So on set-wise I've probably worked with Malik and Warren the most. And so you know, we have - we're close because we've worked together a lot for long shooting days.

So I don't know, I mean probably Azita. We've - we quickly bonded, being girls and being you know, here in the city, we're both - we both live in LA. And so we'll often go out and do things together.

But I - you know, I wish I could answer, you know, definitively one person, but I feel like I'm close with each of them in a very different way. But none of them maybe more so than others, which is kind of awesome if you think about it.

So but there's definitely ones that - like Ryan and Warren and I will go out. They're the party guys, so we'll go out if there's, you know, a party to be had. And then Azita and I will go out, for you know, just for dinner. So they each - we - you know, I have different friendships with each of them so.

QUESTION: It seems like a fun cast, a lot of fun individuals.

ERIN WAY: Yes, and the thing that's great about them, and I think why it's a difficult question to answer, is that they are all so different personality-wise, that they really complement each other in a perfect way. Like everybody - their personality is different enough where there's really no clashing going on, and they each kind of fulfill a certain, you know, personality type that's needed on - as part of a team.

So in that sense, you know they each kind of fulfill a different kind of friend that I need at different times, you know, on here. So that's what's really great about the cast; they complement each other perfectly.

QUESTION: A testament to good casting.

ERIN WAY: Yes. Yes and if - I mean gosh, if that was intentional; kudos. It was either intentional or like wonderfully good luck. But man, it's - yes, you couldn't have assembled a better team of people, for sure.

QUESTION: Do you have a favorite Syfy show? And a lot of their shows share the same universe, and is your favorite -- if you have one -- the same one you would want Kat to cross over and guest-appear on if you had your druthers?

ERIN WAY: Yes, I think so. I'm - I'd probably - you know, there's a couple - I would have to say, "I think my number 1 sci-fi show is still probably Buffy, although Firefly is close in there for sure." But yes, Buffy's my number 1 show. And I - you know, and that was - I'm just going to put it on the record, "That was pre-Twilight." So the whole world, vampires and that sort of thing, I've always thought was really cool.

And there's a new show actually called Being Human that's on Syfy with an amazing cast of actors, and I just met them all. One of them I know from way back when I first moved to LA. But I met them all - the other two at Comic-Con and just a great group of people.

And I think if I could choose to have Kat do a crossover, I would have her be on that show because it's kind of my current favorite as far as - besides our show, as far as the Syfy channel goes. So I think that would be fun to see Kat hang out with vampires and werewolves, I think that would be super fun.

QUESTION: At Comic-Con you didn't get asked this, and neither did Laura, but in another interview, Laura mentioned her all-time favorite sci-fi strong female being Ellen Ripley. And of course, Azita at Comic-Con mentioned the women of Blade Runner. So it's a safe bet to say...Buffy is yours for sure, that's clarified?

ERIN WAY: I think so right? I mean gosh...

...I know. I would - I mean and you know, if you asked me the same question next week I might have changed my mind, you know, because I feel like there's the world of sci-fi of movies, and then there's sci-fi in television. But yes, I mean the thing that's great about Buffy is that she manages to be extremely feminine while still kicking ass, which I think is really cool.

Like she doesn't lose her femininity at all, despite being really tough, which makes it kind of a great combination for a girl. You know, she can still be really girly, but she still is like the toughest fighter, and she's the Slayer. So I just really found that to be a fun combination. I like that a lot. Yes, I think she would still have to be my number 1. She was great.

SCIFI VISION: After you started working on Alphas, what's the thing that surprised you the most of what you had expected it to be?

Erin WayERIN WAY: Surprised me the most; you know I think maybe I - because my only exposure to the show before had just been I just watched the whole first season just as a viewer.


ERIN WAY: I think maybe I didn't quite - I underestimated the amount of - it's kind of - it's a little bit of a challenge to keep track of all the details of the world that they live in, and the details of all the storylines, and really the arc and the seeds of the story from season 1 carrying into season 2. And as I started getting into doing table reads and really working on each script with the other cast members I was like, "Oh wow."

Like these actors that had - that obviously they were involved all through season 1 in doing this, but they remember things that I like totally don't remember from being a viewer, of like, "But don't you remember in the third episode of season 1 somebody said this so we need to make sure that we bring that over - you know, have that be echoed again and hear it."

So you know, the amount of energy and work and diligence that goes into making sure that each script is true to the arc of the story and the world of Alphas is - it's hard work. And I think that's maybe something that I didn't quite realize going in is the amount of time and effort that's put into making sure that happens each and every week.

So that's definitely something that I wasn't anticipating. That was surprising.

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