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Cosplay Melee Sneak Peek: A Night at the Space Opera - 1.01 - 3/21/17

Cosplay Melee MultimediaCosplay Melee Sneak Peek - 3/21/17
1.01 - "A Night at the Space Opera"

The world’s most innovative cosplayers go head to head each week in Syfy’s new transformation competition series COSPLAY MELEE – an epic showdown of creativity, eye popping costumes and one of a kind characters. The hour-long battle is hosted by actress and self-described “super fan girl” Yvette Nicole Brown. In the premiere episode, four cosplayers are challenged with creating Space Opera inspired costumes with twists from the judges that will truly test their creativity. Below is a sneak peek from the season premiere of Cosplay Melee, "A Night at the Space Opera," airing 3/21/17, after the jump.

Cosplay Melee - A Night at the Space Opera - Sneak Peek

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