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Advance Review: The X-Files - Doppelgängers, Dancing, and the Return of The Lone Gunmen

The X-FilesIn this week's episode, written and directed by series creator, Chris Carter, "Babylon," when terrorists bomb an art gallery for showing offensive artwork, Agents Mulder (David Duchovny) and Scully (Gillian Anderson) are visited by younger agents on the case (Robbie Amell and Lauren Ambrose), who bare a resemblance to themselves. The two are looking for a way to speak to the one comatose bomber who survived, to find out who is behind the attack and stop any further attacks. Mulder and Scully use their own different beliefs to try to find answers. Some old friends and foes also show up.

The X-FilesFirst, I want to say that I think that some people (myself NOT included) may be offended by parts of the episode, though I feel at it's conclusion, overall its heart is in the right place. Regardless, there are many more positive things to be said about this episode than negative. It has some very intense emotional components juxtaposed with some more quirky fun. The episode is not a comedic one like episode three, nor straight horror like last week, but rather falls somewhere in the middle.

Fans will appreciate Agents Miller and Einstein, as there are quite a few fun parallels to be drawn, from not just the way they look, but also the way they act, as Mulder and Scully, as well as the audience, get some nostalgia from the believer and skeptic. There are great moments of bantering between the new agents that bring back great memories.

The X-FilesAlthough they both do a fantastic job, that, however, is not to say that they overshadow the originals, as Duchovny and Anderson are still the stars. It's just a nice way to see our duo from someone else's perspective. I especially love Einstein's conversation with Miller about why Scully stays with Mulder in the basement. It's reminiscent of many fan discussions of the characters.

I also appreciate the fact that as much as this is not a mythology episode, it's nice to see some continuity as Scully talks about her mother.

Another thing that stands out in the episode are the visuals. The effects work is brilliant. The makeup and prosthetics on the bomber are realistic and terrifying.

The X-FilesThere is also an excellent visual sequence with Mulder tripping in the episode, which likely some people will greatly enjoy like I did, and think is hilarious, but others may not, as it is quite odd. I can't say much without spoiling it, but it's a fun montage featuring some great music, as well as some parodies. I'll discuss more in my subsequent post mortem after the episode airs.

It has already been announced that returning this week is Cigarette-Smoking Man, as well as the popular trio the Lone Gunmen, but in a very unusual and fun way.

Besides the terror and comedy, there are also some sweet moments to wrap it all together.

All in all, although the episode is a bit strange in parts, and a bit more lighthearted than last week, I felt it was another great chapter for the series.

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