Early Review: "Lake Placid: The Final Chapter"

Lake Placid: The Final ChapterLake Placid: The Final Chapter premieres tonight on Syfy. The fourth in the series follows Sheriff Theresa Giove (Elisabeth Rohm), along with Fish and Game representative Reba (Yancy Butler), and Lieutenant Loflin, as they as you expect try to stop the crocodiles from terrorizing everyone and ripping them to pieces (all without killing them of course), during which they search for the sheriff's daughter who went on a school trip that ended up at the lake.

Lake Placid: The Final ChapterAs you would expect, the film is gory as most Syfy creature features are. I can't speak to the effects as the version that I saw was not nearly finished (though it was fun to see floating crocs!). Obviously there are different classes of Syfy Saturday films, some attempt to be serious, others do not. I will say that this is sure to become one of the favorites of fans, in my opinion, because it was seriously funny. From kooky Jim Bickerman (Nightmare on Elm Street's Robert Englund) to the bus driver. Most notably, however, was Yancy Butler who had the best lines of the bunch and constantly had me laughing out loud.

Lake Placid: The Final ChapterStory-wise, the film holds together, though as expected, it isn't deep on plot, and the chemistry between Rohm's character wasn't the best, but it didn't matter; it's just one of the Syfy classic creature features that thankfully do not take themselves too seriously.

If you are staying in and want a fun night in front of the television, I definitely recommend Lake Placid: The Final Chapter

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