Video Interview: Mr. Mayor's Bobby Moynihan & Mike Cabellon

Mr. MayorNBC’s hit comedy Mr. Mayor is back for a second season with some big changes at City Hall. Mayor Neil Bremer (Ted Danson, CSI) has brought in a team of innovation experts he calls the I Team, causing major tension at the office. The mayor signed them to a lengthy contract, and it looks they’re going to be a fixture at City Hall for the foreseeable future. SciFi Vision asked series costars Mike Cabellon (Tommy) and Bobby Moynihan (Jayden) what that means for their characters this season.

“I think this season is about the mayor trying to do his job better and really trying to make a difference and what he thinks is best for LA,” said Moynihan (Saturday Night Live), “and the rest of the people dealing with that and deciding if those choices are the right choices.” He was coy about Jayden but hinted at some exciting new characters coming aboard later in the season.

The I Team’s arrival, said Cabellon (Orange is the New Black), “is one of the big character arcs for Tommy this season…All the interoffice dynamics that exist in season one kind of shift in light of these new people coming in. And that's been [exciting] to play this season, because it's all new and it feels fresh from last season.”

We also discussed how Mr. Mayor approaches some of the very real issues facing America’s second largest city. Check out the video below!

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