Video Interview: Mr. Mayor's Kyla Kenedy & Vella Lovell

Mr. MayorNBC’s Mr. Mayor was back last week with its season two premiere, “Most Fast and Break Things.” This week, Neil begins his second year in office by hiring a new Innovation Team to shake things up at City Hall. Unfortunately, he gets sidetracked when his daughter needs a ride to the DMV for her permit test. In his absence, the staff become increasingly concerned about the I-Team's intentions.

After finding its footing last year, the show has proven itself as a hilarious workplace comedy that pokes fun at politics, government service and life in Los Angeles. One of the series’ running gags is the generation gap that separates the mayor from his teen daughter and millennial staffers; the youngsters are constantly schooling him on modern culture, slang, technology and social media.

SciFi Vision asked actors Kyla Kenedy (who plays Neil’s daughter, Orly) and Vella Lovell (chief of staff Mikaela Shaw), what it’s like working with the cast’s elder statesman, Ted Danson. Does art imitate life? The answer is in the video below!

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