Exclusive Video Interview: The Way Home Star Sadie LaFlamme-Snow Talks Season 2

The Way HomeA new episode of the multi-generational family drama The Way Home airs tonight on Hallmark Channel. In the premiere episode last week, after Kat (Chyler Leigh) finds a painting from 1814 that looks just like her, proving she did time travel again, she and her daughter decide to take another trip through the pond, only to be separated, with Alice (Sadie LaFlamme-Snow) traveling back to 1999 and Kat being sent much further into the past.

Star LaFlamme-Snow recently spoke with SciFi Vision about season two, including why the pond might have separated mother and daughter, if that could drive a wedge between them again, logistics of filming the time travel scenes at the pond, how Alice is getting closer with Del (Andie MacDowell) this season, working with MacDowell, and more.

Watch the interview or read the transcript below and watch all-new episodes every Sunday on Hallmark Channel.

SCIFI VISION:   So, to start out, obviously, in the first episode, the pond does not bring her to the same place as her mother, but it's not done with her yet, and they kind of talk about it almost like it's sentient, and makes decisions and everything. Why do you think that it separated them? And if you can't tell me that, why do you think Alice would think that? 

There's this saying that the pond will take you where you need to go in our show, and it's something that Elliott reminds Alice of, and he reminds Kat of the same thing. So, I think when something like that happens, the characters definitely are looking for a reason, especially when you end up somewhere where you were not hoping to be…My mom has said, “Okay, fine, we'll go back in the pond just this once,” and I'm hoping to just be able to get right in there and help her with her journey, and the pond sends me somewhere where I've been told I never go again. So, part of me is happy that my mom was wrong; I do get to see the people from the past again. Then, part of her is, you know, “I feel really wronged by the pond.” I would say 75% of the time you end up somewhere where [it] is exactly what you hoped would happen, and now you just need to figure out how you can intervene and what you can do and what is your part to play in this moment? And you need to find out why the pond brought you there. But in this scenario, not only have I been told I was never coming back here, but I also this is not what I was hoping for. I need my mom, and I need to help my mom, and my mom needs me. I'm thinking, “She can't do this alone. It's too big of a task.” So, I think Alice definitely has questions. But there there is that saying of, “the pond takes you where you need to go.” So, you can't really fight with the pond as much as you might like to. 

Throughout the season, is it going to draw them apart at all? Because obviously going together, it did really bring them together. I mean, are they going to kind of stay on the same page? Because we don't know how much her mother is going to tell her about what happens, or how much she's going to tell her mother. Can that drive a wedge between them again, do you think? Or are they already past that? 

I think what gets really interesting this season is that we see the betrayal when Alice finds out that Kat spent time traveling. She's so hurt that her mom has been traveling and not telling her and observing her travels and pretending like everything is normal and kind of, I guess, denying that they had a relationship as friends in the past. So, that really hurts Alice. Then, it makes them closer, because they start traveling together, like you said. There's a part of it with season two that, you know, Kat told Alice that she would never go back. She would never see her friends from the past anymore. So, when things start falling apart, and that theory starts seeming untrue to Alice, there's kind of this hurt of like, why would my mom lie to me, and why would Elliot lie to me, and why isn't anyone telling me the truth? I think, for Alice, she knows that as as much as you might try you can't - What happens will always happen. So, there's this feeling of, if my mom said I was never there, but I do go back, then how are both of these things true at the same time? So, she has to keep going after that answer in a way. On the other hand, they're on different journeys, because Alice is kind of trying to figure out why everyone's lying to her about what really happened in the past in the early 2000s. Then, we have Kat, who has has a really strong hunch about what happened to Jacob and where he is, and how can she both support her mom, and also what does it mean to maybe feel a little bit left behind? And that was kind of her quest, and now it's something that Kat might have to do on her own. So, how can she be there for her mom and not feel left behind by that. 

I wanted to ask you about the actual traveling on your side as an actress. I assume it's probably uncomfortable being wet all the time, for one, but is it a pond? Is it a tank? How is that when you're actually jumping into? Or is it maybe it's a [stunt] double, and maybe you aren't really jumping into it. How does that work? 

It takes a lot of different departments to make that all come together. We do actually film on location at a pond, a real pond. It's very beautiful. Our lovely DP Thom Best makes it look so mystical and serene but also kind of threatening when things start to go awry with the pond. We have our amazing stunt team, [and] there is kind of a relay aspect of those stunts, because, like you said, going in the pond means that's it. Now you can only film stuff where you've come from the pond. You can't go back to dry just like that. So, you kind of tag each other out with our stunt team sometimes. Then, we have the underwater shots with our amazing water safety and camera team, and that we actually film in a pool. It's all dressed to make it look like we're in a pond, but the actual pond where we shoot, it would be nearly impossible to see anything underwater. I do open my eyes under there, and you can't see thing. It's very murky. It's full of creatures. It's exactly what you'd imagine. But I think with all those pieces together, we get this very cool illusion of this magical pond that really becomes almost like another character in the show. 

Alice has more time with Del this season because of the fact that she's not with her mother as much. Can talk about that and working with Andie [MacDowell]? 

Well, at the end of last season, we see Alice really starting to depend on Del, and kind of a more - they're starting to get closer. She's starting to open up to her…I was thinking of this really sweet scene at the end of episode - I don’t know, season one, where they have a little movie night, and Alice finally tells Del, like, “I'm having a really hard time settling in here, and I don't know what to do.” Del kind of gives her advice and comforts her. When we kick off season two, we see them in this new place. They're more of a family; they're more united. But again, with the time travel, there's always a strain, because you can't really tell the other person exactly what's going on, exactly where you've been, or why you know something that you know, and it makes for very interesting scenes for sure. Andie and I have had a lot of fun, and I think Andie is a grandmother herself, and I have a lovely relationship with my grandmother. So, I think we both bring that kind of love, and we cherish those relationships in our own lives. So, I think when we have those scenes together, we know that they're like really precious to have a granddaughter and a grandmother on screen together having these moments. So, I think it's something I really look forward to, and every time I see it in the scripts, I'm excited to see where they're going with that relationship.

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