Exclusive Video Interview: Constellation Stars Rapace, Banks, D’Arcy, & Catlett, & Creator Harness & Director MacLaren

ConstellationCreated and written by Peter Harness, the first three episodes of the new Apple TV+ series, Constellation, premiered globally on Wednesday. The psychological thriller drama stars Noomi Rapace as Jo Ericsson, who travels to space with a group of astronauts, including Paul Lancaster (Will Catlett), only to return after a disaster to her husband (James D’Arcy) and daughter (Rosie and Davina Coleman) and realize that not everything is quite how she left it. The series also stars Jonathan Banks as Henry and Bud Caldera.

Recently, cast members Rapace, Banks, D’Arcy, and Catlett, along with Harness and Michelle MacLaren, who directed the first two episodes, spoke with SciFi Vision about the new eight-part series.

Watch the interviews below. New episodes air weekly every Wednesday on Apple TV+.

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