Exclusive Video Interview: Quantum Leap’s Caitlin Bassett & Eliza Taylor on Their Relationship with Ben & More

***The following contains slight spoilers for tonight's episode***Quantum LeapNBC’s Quantum Leap takes place thirty years after the events of the original series when Dr. Sam Beckett vanished. The series follows Ben Song (Raymond Lee) who leaps into the bodies of people in the past and has been since unable to return to the present. Things became complicated for Ben this season when his fiancé and hologram, Addison (Caitlin Bassett) thought that he died. Years passed in reality, when for Ben it seemed like days. Addison moved on, falling in love with the man who got her through his death, Tom (Peter Gadiot), and Ben had a hard time accepting it. Then, Ben met Hannah (Eliza Taylor), a woman in the past that he shared a connection with, and they fell in love, the leaps pulling them together time and again, though each time years apart.

In tonight’s all-new episode, Addison broke up with Tom, but does that mean she’s once again destined to be with Ben, or will Ben continue his relationship through time, with Hannah never meeting the real Ben Song?

Yesterday, Bassett and Taylor spoke with SciFi Vision about their relationship with Ben and what could be in their characters’ futures, including if Addison accepting Tom’s proposal was in any way influenced by the appearance of Hannah and if she is ready to be with Ben again, what Hannah’s happy ending looks like to Taylor and what time period she would like to revisit with Hannah, what it’s like filming scenes when Hannah cannot see Addison, and more.

Watch the interview or read the transcript below and check out new episodes of Quantum Leap Tuesdays on NBC.

SCIFI VISION:   Let me start with you, Caitlin…So, what I wanted to start by asking you is, do you think Addison accepting Tom's proposal is partially influenced by the fact that Ben is with Hannah now? Because it was - I mean, to us [as an audience], it seemed quick, maybe not to her. But also, he didn't actually propose; she found the ring. It just did not happen maybe quite as organically as you would expect. So, I'm just curious, do you think it has something to do with that? Or is she really not affected in that way?

CAITLIN BASSETT:   I absolutely think it has, even if she doesn't really know it, but I do. I played it that she did, that she had to accept that - Ben was in this world, right? It wasn't specifically Hannah motivated, though, maybe that was a bit deeper in, but it was more of an of an embracing of where they are in reality. Ben is there. He has Hannah; he might not have a Hannah, but regardless, he's not coming back, and even if he is, it might take [awhile]. It's a maybe. We've been through this ride before; it could take years, like, we don't know. And here's this guy who's been with me every step of the way, and sometimes it just feels good to make a decision, even if you're wrong…because right now we're just hurting everybody, mostly herself. So, I definitely kind of had that in mind of like, let's just go. Then, obviously, by the end of that episode, or the next episode, Addison kind of realizes that, okay, maybe I'm not making this decision purely out of just wanting to be with this person, and it might be a bit more just kind of hoping to do some moving forward. Yeah.

SCIFI VISION:   Eliza - I don't want to say their love story is doomed, her and Ben, because it's not. They can sort of be together, but the way it is, it's not a normal relationship. What do you think for Hannah is a happy ending? What can actually happen that she can be okay [with]? Obviously, now she's lost her husband, so she's not going to be happy for a while, but I'm just curious, like, just your own opinion, what do you think that she can be okay and move on with and deal with?

Quantum LeapELIZA TAYLOR:   Well, I think Hannah's very accepting of where she is. That's one of the things I love about her. I think she believes that there is a divine plan and that everything happens for a reason. From the get go, just as soon as she finds out that Ben is, Ben, she just wants to make the most of the time that they have together, and she's okay with that. And it doesn't mean that she stops her whole life for him. She does get married. She has a child. She lives a very full life with this beautiful added bonus of having her person out there, you know, saving lives, one leap at a time. So, I mean, I think that what would make her happy is living a full life but also seeing Ben live out his destiny the way that he's supposed to as well. She’s just pretty selfless in that way, which I love. I think it's really beautiful.

SCIFI VISION:   Caitlin, going back to sort of what we're talking about, do you think, if, you know, Ben decided - not that he's going to, but if he decided [he was] over Hannah…I mean, is she ready to go back with Ben now that Tom is out of the picture? I'm just curious sort of where her mindset is after that, because obviously being engaged and not being engaged is still big thing, and he's changed. I'm just sort of curious where she is at now after Tom is is gone.

CAITLIN BASSETT:   I think, first of all, still, nothing is still changed, right? He's still leaving, and she's, you know, in 2024, I think it is. I forget exactly the year because there was a time jump; there was a whole thing. I think it's [20]25, actually. So, the parameters of that haven't changed, but she has, and so has Ben. They have both gone through a journey, and it has fundamentally changed the structure of their relationship, and I think in a good way. I think season one was a lot of them trying to, especially her, trying to play out an old version of a relationship that just doesn't exist anymore. He's not corporal in her life anymore. So, I think things have changed. They have changed as people. So, even if there is no Hannah, even if Ben's back, like, I don't know. I don't think they'd jump right back in. I think everyone has to figure out where they are, and I also think that's probably the healthiest thing for the show, which is really nice.

SCIFI VISION:   Definitely. Now, Eliza, you've gone through quite a few different time periods. We've seen different versions of Hannah. Which time would you like to get to explore more of her backstory through, if it were up to you?

ELIZA TAYLOR:   I mean, I think what kind of intrigues me the most is her just being such a trailblazer in her fields, becoming this incredible scientist, and I want to know what she's working on, what's she delving into. Like, how is she making a name for herself, in a time when it was really, really hard for women to get ahead? That, to me, I would want to watch that.

SCIFI VISION:   This is for both of you. Caitlin, I had talked to you before about how you film scenes and, you know, you can't touch Ben; you can't interact. But now you have where you see Hannah, but Hannah can't see you. Can you both talk sort of about that, you know, playing off that dynamic, from an acting standpoint?

ELIZA TAYLOR:   It’s really fun.

CAITLIN BASSETT:   Yeah, it's quite fun, especially because it puts all of the pressure in a really fun way on Ray, and I think both of us have enjoyed kind of needling him from different angles there, which is really [laughs] [fun] and he handles it like such a pro.

ELIZA TAYLOR:   [laughs] Yeah, it's really fun. The only thing is, when we're doing things together, it's so hard not to look at you…but there've been a few times where I've gone, and I looked you right in the eye on that line. [laughs]

CAITLIN BASSETT:   It's only my lines generally, like because I cut in a lot, right? So, like, they're in a conversation, and I fill in, and it's normal to be like, “What did you say?”…So, I tend to take advantage, because I get to do whatever and look at whoever. So, I have a lot of fun. But then I do try and not be a jerk and like, be all in her eyeline when it's her coverage.

ELIZA TAYLOR:   Thank you for that.

CAITLIN BASSETT:   I try. I don't always succeed.

SCIFI VISION:   Is there anything that you guys are allowed to say about what we can look forward to this season, for both of your characters?

ELIZA TAYLOR:   There will be some more interaction between Hannah and Addison, which I'm really excited about it. But I can't say how or in what capacity.

CAITLIN BASSETT:   How or in what way, but yeah, Hannah and Addison have more to come, which is very cool.

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