Exclusive Video Interviews: Showrunners & Stars of The Ark, Premiering Tonight on Syfy

The ArkThe all-new series The Ark, which premieres tonight on Syfy, takes place one hundred years in the future when work towards planetary colonization has begun in order to save the human race. The first ship has been sent through space, Ark One, but over a year before arrival on the planet, something happens to the ship causing many lives to be lost. All of those in charge have been killed, leaving an unprepared international crew, with quickly dwindling food and supplies, to survive and reach the planet.

The series was created by Dean Devlin, and both he and Jonathan Glassner serve as showrunners.

Recently, SciFi Vision talked to Devlin and Glassner as well as most of the cast, about creating the series. Watch the interviews below and be sure to tune into The Ark, tonight on Syfy.

Dean Devlin & Jonathan Glassner

Christie Burke, Reece Ritchie, & Richard Fleeshman

Ryan Adams & Stacey Read

Christina Wolfe & Shalini Peiris

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