Exclusive Video Interview: Love Island’s Carsten “Bergie” Bergersen on His Time in The Traitors Castle

The TraitorsLast week on Peacock’s The Traitors, titled “Knives at Dawn,” it was revealed at breakfast that Carsten “Bergie” Bergersen of Love Island was the next to be murdered by the remaining traitors, Parvati Shallow (Survivor) and Phaedra Parks (Real Housewives of Atlanta). Bergie was Peter Weber (The Bachelor)’s right hand and therefore they decided his time was up. 

Earlier in the week, SciFi Vision spoke with Bergie about his time on The Traitors, including if he would have done anything different, his reaction to the full reveal, who surprised him, meeting fans, and much more. 

Watch the interview or read the full transcript below, and catch an all-new episode tonight on Peacock.

SCIFI VISION:   Why did you decide to do it? Like, how did that conversation go? 

Oh my gosh. So, we're going back to Fiji. I was still in Fiji. I just got done doing Love Island the night before. I get asked, “Hey, would you like to do Traitors in like, 20 days for this new show that we're gonna do? It's season two.” I haven't seen season one, but I'm definitely interested. I currently don't have a job. So, I have no plans right now. What I'm gonna do with the rest of my life? So, I would gladly take that opportunity, and I'm so glad I did, because I had no idea what to expect. Once they told me about it, I was like, “I'll consider it. I’m definitely doing it right now, unless I go home and watch it and I'm not a fan of it.” But I went home. Huge fan of it. I watched the first five episodes - I'd watch an episode of night, and then I got to Episode Five, and then I watched the last five episodes in one sitting. I was just hooked on it right from the get go. So, I was like, “Yep, I'm definitely doing it.” And I'm so glad I did. It was a terrific experience. I’d do it over and over again. 

Do you think that watching it beforehand helped prepare you, or was it just more you enjoyed watching it? 

The TraitorsNo, it definitely prepared me. I was definitely taking notes, taking strategies, like, would it be easier to be a traitor? Would it be easier to be a faithful? Where do I see myself succeeding? I definitely saw myself succeeding more this time around being a faithful, but I also think I could have succeeded as a traitor, because I don't think anybody would have expected Bergie to be a traitor, this good nice kid being a traitor. So, I definitely think I might have struggled with it a little bit, but I think I still could have pulled it off. But being a faithful, I felt like I could prove to myself that I can play these types of games. You know, try to figure it out, be like Sherlock Holmes. I've always dreamed of being like, this good guy that gets the bad guy. So, I was like, “Let's do it.” And I was super excited when I get came in. I took notes. I was like, “Traitors like to be quiet. They're not going to call people out right away. They're gonna sit back and just kind of let the chaos happen.” 

What do you think that maybe you should have done differently to stay longer? What was your your one mistake looking back that you think you've made? Or are you happy with the way you played it? Maybe you don't think that? 

Yeah, so I'm actually happy with the way I played it. The best way to play it when I was taking notes too, I was like, “Be dumb, be faithful to the traitors.” Like don't be faithful to the faithful, be faithful to the traitors. Act like you don't know what's going on, act like you trust everybody, that way they carry you to the end when they're like, “All right, let's split the pot now,” and that's when you have to banish them right at the end. You don't try to banish them before, because then everybody knows you're a good traitor hunter. But my problem was, I knew that was the best strategy, but I wanted to prove to myself that I can play this game, and playing the game is very dangerous, because then you become a threat to the traitors. They're like, “Oh my gosh, they're gonna banish me. I need to kill him before he banishes me, because he's a vote against me.” So, I just knew in my heart, like, I'd have been so mad if let's say I was still playing this game, and I get murdered this next episode, but I didn't do anything the whole time. I didn't call anybody out. I just sat around, and I just got murdered one night. I'd be so mad at myself for not trying to get the traitors out, if that makes sense. I'd be so upset. I'd be like, “I could have got one out. I could have got two out, but instead I decided to try to skate by and then I still got [out] in the end anyways.” 

Do think your game would have been different if you hadn't followed Peter so closely, like went so much [along] with what he did? I feel like was [that was] a big part of the reason you were murdered. 

You know, being in Peter’s clique definitely led to my demise, 100%, but I still don't regret it, because I was like, “Let's to get the traitors out as quickly as possible, and maybe we can split this prize pot,” but it was not happening. 

What what do you think was the hardest thing for you? 

Being in Traitors, definitely the roundtables in the beginning of the game, when there's no evidence, and you're just going off of people, like she made this face, or he did this, he exited a room, and I think it was suspicious. Is that real evidence that we can use? But then you still have to vote someone out. You can't vote for nobody, and I think that was the toughest thing for me. I was like, “I still don't think you're a traitor, but I have to vote for you, because otherwise I'm gonna single someone out, and I coul be eliminated for that.” So, just early game roundtables were really hard for me. 

You saying were saying about watching people and noticing what they do, were you through a lot of it thinking about the way you were [acting and your emotions]?… Is that something that's constantly on your mind? Or were you more just into playing it and not thinking about that? 

I was worried more about my emotions. I'm a nervous guy, especially in the beginning. So, being red in the face, I was like, “Oh my gosh, this is why I'm gonna get banished. I was red in the face, because I was nervous, and now people are gonna banish me because of it,” especially early on in the game. But  later in the game, you have people's conversations, you write stuff down, and you're like, “Oh, I remember having this conversation with you, and you said this.” That's where I started getting more comfortable with the game. I was like, “Dan [Gheesling], you're really quiet, and I think a traitor’s perfect game plan would be to be quiet and just skate by the end.” So, it was just like that, using that kind of evidence definitely helps me. 

Now, I know we won't see your full reaction until later on in the season, but how shocked were you when you found out everything, when they finally revealed it to you after the fact? 

The traitors? 


So, you know, Trishelle [Cannatella] -

I think you had an idea. 

Yeah, so I was expecting Phaedra to be a traitor. I was expecting, well, I don't wanna say “expecting.” I was probably like, 60-70% sure Phaedra was a traitor. So, just seeing how it all played out, I wasn't too shocked by it. Actually, you know what shocked me the most? I always thought there was one more traitor, because I thought there were three in the beginning, and they recruited one. So, I was always trying to figure out who that fourth traitor was. So, that that was my biggest shock, finding out there were only three traitors. 

…What was your favorite part of the castle? 

I'm gonna say outside castle grounds. So, if you remember the bird mission, I got a map, and I got to run around the castle grounds with Trishelle, and I loved the outside of the castle. It was so gorgeous, to run - same with the catapult mission. I hated the catapult mission, carrying that heavy catapult up the mountain, but just being outside in Scotland in the wilderness was the most fantastic thing, I think, of the castle. I know it's about the castle, but being outside of the castle, seeing the buildings around the castle, and just monuments and sculptures outside of it was probably my favorite part. 

That makes sense. Was there anyone coming into it that you were really excited to get to meet that you…got to see? 

It sounds really stupid, but Peter from The Bachelor. I watched Colton’s season of The Bachelor, and then I watched Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette, and then I kind of stopped after that, but Peter was on Hannah Brown’s season. So, I saw Peter from that, and I was just like, “Oh my gosh, you were on TV. I know you.” [laughs] 

[laughs] You were on TV, too! 

It didn't hit me. I just came out of Love Island. 

That's true. Now that you say that, have you since you've left this had more of that, people recognizing you, now that you've been off the show? Do you get that now a lot? 

Yeah, I was working yesterday, and I had two people come up to me while working the front desk, and they're like, “You're Bergie from The Traitors; I want to come say hi.” Then, they're taking selfies with me while I'm just working. 

That's that's got to be interesting at work. So, back to what I was gonna ask you is, who's somebody that what has surprised you the most, whether you knew them in real life, or you just knew them from TV? Who really surprised that you didn't expect them to be the way they were? 

I'm gonna say, John [Bercow]. That sounds really funny, but like, obviously, not from a strategy standpoint or anything crazy like that, but I was expecting him to be this mean politician guy, and he was nice, funny. He has this personality around him, and he was just a wholesome dude. I think that's what surprised me. 

I assume that you're going to be back for the finale thing that they do, the behind the scenes. 

The reunion? 

Yeah. Are you're gonna be back for that? 


Very cool. What are you looking forward to saying or talking to somebody? Like, what's something that you're thinking about before you go back? 

Honestly, there's not much on my head. Like, obviously, I call these people all the time, because I have everybody's number, and we talk to each other, and there's not much - I don't have any hatred towards anybody. I don't have any bad blood between anybody. I just have happy feelings. That was an awesome experience. I'm just grateful for the overall experience. So, I'm just interested to see what happens at the reunion between other people that did not have a grateful experience. So, they have bad blood between each other. 

I was going to ask you if they asked you back, would you do it again? Because I know obviously, [they’ve done] that, but I think I already know the answer. You had a lot of fun. 

Yeah, I would do it every season that they air it. I’d just keep coming back.

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